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Three Books For Kids Who Want to Be Architects

Recently came across this article while looking around for kids books, Kids Books To Inspire A Love For Architecture. Kids and Architects was not the original search, but happy to have found this, granted only three are listed, but all good choices. I’ve actually read Young Frank Architect and very much enjoyed it. I’ve come across the Little People Big Dreams series, but haven’t purchased or read them yet (our kid is too young, but might not hurt to start building a kids library of books). 

While this whole site is dedicated to architecture and education, funny thinking about how to teach kids and get them interested in architecture by way of books is kind of difficult. Architecture is very visual, and its very difficult to describe to kids. Much of what makes architecture so interesting is really the complexity of designs and the emotion that it brings, the suggestiveness. If one were to try to explain Zaha Hadid to a child maybe you would use the words “Swoop” or “Swoosh”, but how would you describe something like deconstructivism? If the architect in question were specifically Daniel Libeskind then “Sharp” or “Pointy” or “Zig Zag” would all kind of work, but that’s just describing the image of the building.

Something to maybe think about later. And maybe even make ourselves. Will come back to this topic at a later date.