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Build On: Converted Architecture and Transformed Buildings

Build On: Converted Architecture and Transformed Buildings is a book by L. Feireiss that explores the transformative power of architecture by showcasing examples of converted buildings and spaces that have been reimagined for new uses.

The book highlights the creativity and ingenuity of architects, designers, and builders who have taken existing structures and transformed them into functional and inspiring spaces. The examples include repurposed industrial buildings, adaptive reuse of historic structures, and converted shipping containers, among others.

Feireiss argues that repurposing existing structures is not only an environmentally conscious approach to building, but also offers unique design opportunities and challenges. The process of conversion often requires creative problem solving and collaboration between different disciplines, resulting in innovative and visually striking spaces.

The book also explores the cultural significance of repurposed buildings and how they contribute to the urban fabric and identity of a city. By breathing new life into abandoned or underutilized structures, converted architecture can create new social and economic opportunities while preserving the heritage and character of a place.

Overall, Build On is a visually stunning and thought-provoking book that celebrates the potential of architecture to transform and adapt to changing needs and contexts. It offers valuable insights into the principles and practices of adaptive reuse, while showcasing the incredible diversity of converted buildings and spaces around the world.

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