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Would probably be more accurate if we were to say “Support our Efforts” but thought that might be a tad confusing, donate gets to the point. However, the word “donate” can be a bit misleading, it suggests that maybe we are a non profit, we are not. You cannot deduct your contribution. Feels good to clear that up right away.

Why make a contribution? Why not? If you’re a fan of architecture, design and preservation than hopefully you feel that this project serves some purpose, makes an effort to fulfil its mission. Running a website isn’t expensive, but it isn’t cheap either. Making a contribution and showing your support helps us to keep the lights on, so to speak. We experimented with other platforms and ideas, none of which we were thrilled by. We’re not offering subscriptions or private mailing lists or even a network of any sort, so feel there’s no need for recurring revenue and there’s nothing that bugs us more than recurring subscriptions that we have to figure out how to cancel. Nope this is simple, you like what we do , you want to help out, click the button below, register an account, make a contribution and then we’ll give you a profile page where you can tell the world why you love us so much, how amazing we are and thank us for all the hard work we do… no seriously just create a profile, post a quick couple quips about you, some links to your website or social media accounts and a very big thank you. 

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There are some rules that we have about posting, what’s acceptable and what’s not, you might want to read up on it here. Probably a good idea to read our Terms and Conditions also and our Privacy Policy.